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Haile Hospitality Group (HHG)

Haile Hospitality Group (HHG) is a group of businesses focused on the hospitality sector. Ethiopian Hospitality is renowned for going above and beyond for the guest and we want to exhibit that into our operations. Across Ethiopia we have established a chain of supreme brand hotels and resorts throughout the most popular attraction sites in the country. Haile Hotels and Resorts offer pleasurable experiences and accommodations. We established Haile Hotels Management College to foster knowledge, education, and ensure we have a superior team that strives endlessly to satisfy our guests. All-inclusive travel arrangements can be taken care of by our Tour Company: Haile Holiday.

MISSION: To consistently deliver enduring memorable experiences to our guests, job satisfaction to our associates, and pride for our country via our “It’s Possible” service and management spirit.

VISION: To be a benchmark indigenous hospitality chain developer and operator in East Africa based on “It is possible!” spirit by the year 2027

CORE VALUES: Hospitality: We love to work individually and as a team to serve our guest carefully with an Ethiopian culture of hospitality, modeled after what we do in our own homes for our guests, friends, and relatives, yet with professionalism. 


Integrity: Our attitudes, business activities, beliefs, and principles are guided with honesty, ethics, and respect to all our stakeholders.
Delivering Our Promise: Inspired by our legend Haile Gebreselassie’s principles of hard work, discipline, and commitment, we strive to impress our guests. We always keep our promises to our valuable brand.

Attention to Details: We always give due attention to little details since we keenly realize that our concern and attentiveness to deal with the fine points determines our success.
Accountability: We take full accountability and responsibility, both as an individual and as a team, for all our decisions and actions, and thus meet our commitments.

Excellence: We provide the finest quality products and services for our guests and thus meet our commitments.

Friendly to Nature (Our Social Responsibility): We proactively participate in any effort towards making our planet cleaner, safer, and more promising for generations to come, while we work with our community in social fronts.