Haile Resort Shashemene

Haile Hotel in Shashemene is a popular destination intersecting North and South Africa with the ‘Kings Highway’. Shashemene is 250km from Addis Ababa. The town of Shashemene is well known because of the residence of the Rastafarians, settlers coming from around the world, mainly the Caribbean. The settlers have a village decorated with tri-colored red, gold, and green buildings and have established dwellings where they tend gardens, hold drum circles and music gatherings. The village has a significant and special history that is unique to the rest of Ethiopia. 

We offer lavish accommodation with a total of 52 guest rooms. The rooms come with special facilities such as comfortable beds, a bathroom with green tea bath amenities, and a writing desk with a chair. The Resort will give a complimentary deluxe buffet breakfast and also has a delicious pizzeria available. Our sports lounge, terrace café, and other fine restaurants go above and beyond to deliver the best service while catering to local and international cuisines. There is also a pastry shop offering delectable cakes.

We provide 24-hour outstanding room service and WIFI is available.

There is also a children’s playground and swimming pool for hours of fun. You are very welcome to enjoy our health club that provides a gymnasium, a dry sauna, a steam bath, and a massage by our professional staff.
Wondo Genet is only 16km southeast of Shashemene. Surrounded by Ethiopian forests with a beautiful landscape, Wondo Genet has natural hot springs that go above 100 degrees Celsius. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and the hot springs are invigorating. It is also home to an arboretum, Forestry College, and an Essential Oils Research Center, where spices, aromatic, and medicinal plants are conserved and their qualities are researched.

Senkelle Wildlife Sanctuary is also located only 48 miles west of Hawassa. The open acacia woodland of the reserve is very scenic and Ethiopian animals are easily spotted, specifically the Swayne’s hartebeasts.

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Fax:  +251-462-11-00-43
Email: mktshashemene@haileresorts.com
   Location:  Shashemene town, Oromia
Website:  www.hailehotelsandresorts.com/shashemene-hotel